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Abbey Theatre, Ireland

Working with its premier Republic of Ireland dealer, Stage Lighting Centre, J&C Joel supplied and installed a Zetex fire curtain to the main rigid safety curtain at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

As with many traditional theatres the original safety curtain material had a certain level of asbestos located within its composition.

To do this the safety curtain had to be moved out of its guides and have the drencher, motor unit and air buffer disconnected. This process was completed to allow a specialist asbestos removal company to remove and dispose of the original cloth.

Once the green light was provided J&C Joel engineers returned to the task in hand and installed the new cloth and bottom smoke pad, they then re-installed all aspects of the safety curtain.

At the completion of the work extensive tests were carried out on the air buffer, steel hauling, cables, counter balance cradle and the motor unit which was supplied by J&C Joel the previous year until the whole unit was operational under current standards.

Zetex Cloth has a one-hour fire rating and is available from J&C Joel. Its prop­erties allow it to be painted with specific Rosco paints, for more information, please contact our team.