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Acoustic Molton

Acoustic Molton

Acoustic Molton is a heavy weight Molton that combines great …

Premier Wool Serge Black

Premier Wool Serge

Premier Wool Serge is the workhorse of theatrical fabrics and …

Kilo Wool Serge Black

Kilo Wool Serge

Because of it’s weight, the Kilo Wool Serge offers the …

Heavy Wool Serge Black

Heavy Wool Serge

Heavy Wool Serge is for areas requiring heavy duty drapes. …

M1 Wool Serge is a high quality wool serge which meets French fire regulations.

M1 Wool Serge

M1 Wool Serge is a high quality wool serge which meets …

Standard Wool Serge Black

Standard Wool Serge

Standard Wool Serge is a lightweight cost-effective wool serge suitable for …

Wool Speaker Cloth Black

Wool Speaker Cloth

Wool Speaker Cloth is a durable fabric that allows sound …

Coloured Wool Serge Plum

Coloured Wool Serge

Coloured Wool Serge is the most popular fabric for perimeter …

Velvet 620 AngelFlame

Vegas 620 Velvet Velour

The Vegas 620 Velvet Velour adds not only weight to …

Velvet 565 Gold

Vegas 565 Velvet Velour

Vegas 565 Velvet Velour luxurious heavy full pile makes this velvet …

Acoustic Transparent Black

Acoustic Transparent

Acoustic Transparent is a lightweight fabric which allows sound to …

Acoustic Felt AF002 Fawn

Acoustic Felt

Acoustic Felt is an inexpensive acoustic matting used to dampen …