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Stage Velvets

Lear Velvet Velour Black

Lear Velvet Velour

This high-quality traditional Lear Velvet Velour will grace any theatre and …

Bespoke Velvet design 1

Bespoke Velvet Velour

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients …

Ryburn IFR Black

Ryburn IFR Velvet Velour

Ryburn IFR Velvet Velour has a rich colour range and is …

Pennine Collection Black

Pennine IFR Collection

A range of varying weights make up the Pennine IFR …

Applause Velvet Velour Navy Blue

Applause Velvet Velour

Applause Velvet Velour is an economical and lightweight velvet with …

Cabaret Velvet Purple

Cabaret Sparkle Velvet Velour

Cabaret Sparkle Velvet Velour is a velvet interwoven with a …

M1 Velvet Velour Plum

M1 Velvet Velour

A wider width with a french M1 finish, EN compliant …

Heavy Velvet Velour Navy

Heavy Velvet Velour

Heavy Velvet Velour is a traditional stage cotton velvet recommended …

Velvet Velour Plum

Velvet Velour

The traditional cotton velvet for theatre drapes. Available in a …

Velvet 620 AngelFlame

Vegas 620 Velvet Velour

The Vegas 620 Velvet Velour adds not only weight to …

Velvet 565 Gold

Vegas 565 Velvet Velour

Vegas 565 Velvet Velour luxurious heavy full pile makes this velvet …