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Muslin, Canvas & Scenic Selection

Cotton Cyclorama Canvas

Perfect for • Decorative/Scenic • Film & TV • Stage

A theatrical Cotton Cyclorama Canvas cloth that can be used for backdrops, projected images, lighting effects and painting. The variety of widths available enables the manufacture of large seamless cycloramas. ‘TV Grey’ prevents LX flare and gives a warmer background.

  • Natural CAN103 260cm / CAN021 320cm CAN071 420cm CAN095 520cm CAN023 600cm CAN026 620cm CAN057 800cm CAN028 1000cm CAN042 1200cm

  • White CAN089 260cm / CAN022 320cm CAN045 420cm CAN090 520cm CAN024 600cm CAN027 620cm CAN058 800cm CAN029 1000cm CAN041 1200cm

  • Black CAN102 260cm / CAN063 320cm CAN072 420cm CAN094 520cm CAN054 600cm CAN055 620cm CAN059 800cm CAN073 1000cm CAN074 1200cm

  • TV Grey CAN100 320cm / CAN101 600cm


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Approx roll length:
60m / 197ft
260cm / 102"
320cm / 126"
420cm / 165"
520cm / 205"
600cm / 236"
620cm / 244"
800cm / 315"
1000cm / 393"
1200cm / 473"

Note: 260cm – 520cm are made of a different construction to 600cm and above and so will look different in appearance.
220 g/m2


BS5867, B1, M1, EN13773, NFPA 701

Custom Dye

Ability to custom dye
4 wks lead time for order
60m minimum order quantity

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