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Event & Display Selection

Deko Molton (One Sided)

Perfect for • Masking • Decorative/Scenic • Film & TV • Stage

Deko Molton is an excellent exhibition/event fabric for use where back lighting is not a priority. Versatile due to its width, a thrifty way to add colour to your project.

Please note: This fabric is only available in full rolls.

  • Red DEK008

  • Brown DEK002

  • Pale Lemon DEK003

  • Yellow DEK004

  • Saffron DEK005

  • Salmon DEK006

  • Orange DEK007

  • Wine DEK009

  • Grey DEK010

  • Mouse DEK011

  • Beige DEK012

  • Caramel DEK013

  • Light Beige DEK014

  • Pale Green DEK015

  • Green DEK016

  • Apple DEK017

  • Grass DEK018

  • Bottle DEK019

  • Pale Blue DEK020

  • Turquoise DEK021

  • Royal Blue DEK022

  • Violet DEK023

  • Carpet Blue DEK024

  • Deep Blue DEK025

  • Rose DEK026

  • Fuchsia DEK027

  • Lavender DEK028

  • Black DEK051

  • Ivory DEK052

  • White DEK054


Approx roll length:
60m / 197ft
260cm / 102"
130 g/m2


BS5867, M1, B1, EN13773

Custom Dye

Ability to custom dye
4 wks lead time for order
500m minimum order quantity

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