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Projection & Screens Selection

Projection Screens

Perfect for • Decorative/Scenic • Film & TV • Stave • Event

A range of projection screens including perforated and non-perforated white for front projection and twin white, blues and greys for front and rear projection. Projection screens can be manufactured to any reasonable size and have near invisible welded seams. Please note: the viewing side is the matt side of the screen.

  • Perforated White PVC045 140cm / 80m

  • Fog PVC030 220cm / 60m

  • Grey PVC042 220cm / 60m

  • Non-Perforated White PVC044 230cm / 60m / 230cm / 90"

  • Clear PVC048 140cm / 50m

  • Twin White PVC055 200cm / 60m

  • Sky Blue PVC058 200cm / 60m

  • Midnight Black PVC059 200cm / 60m

  • Hi-Gain Grey PVC061 200cm / 60m

  • Cream PVC064 240cm / 60m

  • Contrast Grey PVC068 230cm / 60m


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Approx roll length:
50m / 164ft
60m / 197ft
80m / 262ft
140cm / 56"
200cm / 79"
220cm / 86"
230cm / 90"
240cm / 94"
500 g/m2



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