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Scrim, Gauze & Netting Selection

Sharkstooth Gauze

Perfect for • Decorative/Scenic • Film & TV • Stage

Sharkstooth Gauze is the industry staple – an 8 point cotton scrim used by theatres and lighting technician’s. When front lit at an oblique angle the scrim appears opaque. When back lit the scrim appears transparent, revealing the up stage scene. The gauze can be painted using scenic paint and used as a projection surface.

Aperture Dimensions: 1mm x 3mm

  • Black ST036 360cm / ST028 610cm ST004 975cm ST011 1097cm ST016 1200cm

  • Western Grey ST002 975cm / ST007 1097cm ST015 1200cm

  • Sky Blue ST003 975cm / ST009 1097cm

  • Natural ST005 975cm / ST010 1097cm

  • Eastern Grey ST008 1097cm

  • Navy ST012 1097cm

  • Red ST013 1097cm

  • White ST033 360cm / ST026 610cm ST001 975cm ST006 1097cm ST014 1200cm


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Approx roll length:
58m / 190ft
360cm / 141"
610cm / 240"
975cm / 384"
1097cm / 432"
1200cm / 473"
100 g/m2


BS5867, B1, M1, NFPA 701

Custom Dye

Ability to custom dye
3 wks lead time for order
1 roll minimum order quantity

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