Acoustic Drapery

J&C Joel’s has developed into an industry leading acoustic offering, backed by a comprehensive range of independent acoustic test reports. Consisting of drape and non-drape, fixed and variable, absorbent, insulating and transparent options, we believe we have a cost-effective solution for your space.


Our entire range of acoustically absorbent fabrics have been tested to allow specifiers and customers to easily identify the best product to reduce reverberation. Our range consists of drapes made from multiple weights, widths and colours offering maximum flexibility.


Our multi-layer drapes offer an effective solution to reduce sound transmission between two spaces. With a large number of permutations, we are able to create drapes offering up to a 18 dB reduction, all in a cost-effective manner. We have independent reports verifying their performance so you can purchase with confidence.


We also offer a range of drapes designed to allow sound transmission with minimal distortion. These drapes are often used over speaker systems to mask them from the public. We also offer printed solutions to allow for branding opportunities.