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St Aidan’s Centre, Manchester

J&C Joel supplied a selection of cotton Casement fabric to the St Aidan’s Centre, a children’s centre managed by the Catholic Children’s Society (CCS) in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

The children’s centre offers support to children and their families in the South Manchester area and also hosts a variety of local community events. However, as the centre is based in a converted church building there were major problems with the venue’s acoustics and sound reverberation.

To counter this 95 acoustic dampening cushions were placed on the on the walls of the building. Each cushion consists of a backing board with insulation covered with J&C Joel’s cotton Casement fabric.

The Casement was supplied in the four colours of the CCS logo; tango (CAS007), red (CAS016), gold (CAS006) and rust (CAS010). A quantity of coffee Casement (CAS008) was also supplied for a number of the centre’s acoustic cushions.

Casement and Acoustic Solutions
Casement was chosen for this project for its wide range of colours, fire resistant properties and competitive price.

Available in 27 colours, our Casement is a lightweight cotton fabric perfect for exhibitions, ceiling linings and marquees.

J&C Joel also produces a range of products specifically designed to reduce sound reverberation and echo, from wool serge curtains to motorised banners and movable acoustic duvets that allow the acoustics of a venue to altered as required. Acoustic felt is also available which is perfect for sound dampening in studios and venues.

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