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Xbox One Launch, London

J&C Joel was instructed by set construction company LS Live to create a custom drape for the “X” nexus of a 10m diameter spherical Xbox logo.

The sphere was the centrepiece at the global launch of the new eagerly anticipated Xbox One games console in London’s Leicester Square.

In order to achieve the required look and tension, J&C Joel selected its Digital Stretch fabric which was printed with a graded green design to compliment the internal lighting of sphere.  Due to the very specific brand requirements, the grading had to be taken in to account from the outset to ensure it was correctly positioned once the drape was installed.

Using the CAD drawings of the structure generated by LS Live, J&C Joel’s Senior Drapery Designer, Matt Bland, was able to create a 3D model of the internal faces of the structure.  This model was then flattened to create templates which were printed at full size. These templates were then used to manufacture the various pieces of the drape, which were then joined, and edge finished with 8mm diameter Kadar.

The finished shape of the drape was something to behold and, at first glance, seemingly bore no resemblance to the final product.

The external structure was made from patterned GRP and the internal structure was a steel scaffold matrix all of which was designed and fabricated by LS Live in their factory in Wakefield, England.  Once the structure was constructed, J&C Joel’s creative manufacturing team installed the drape in the space of 7 hours overnight.

Due to a very tight timetable, there was no opportunity to pre-build the structure to ensure the drape fit but, due to expert design and fabrication, the drape fit perfectly first time.

The end result what a real feat of engineering excellence from the LS Live team and an equally impressive feat of design and manufacture from the J&C Joel team.

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