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Cable Management & Fibre Optics

Cable Management & Fibre Optics

We can supply a wide range of cable management systems and accessories to suit your requirements ranging from off the shelf items to bespoke solutions including Cable Pass Hooks, Cable Reelers and Flip Flop Trays.

Cable Reel

Sprung loaded Cable Reels are
used to coil and uncoil power
and control cables including
Ethernet, DMX or video cables.
When used with multi-purpose
cables a contactless reel can be
used to avoid signal interference.

Cable Reels are available in
a variety of sizes and feature
individual slip rings, a mounting bracket
and cable guide

Flip Flop Trays

J&C Joel Flip Flop Trays are
a non-motorised concertina
action cable tidy system that
can be attached to flown
equipment including ladder
bars, truss sections and
lighting grids. Flip Flop Trays
can be manufactured to
any height, cable width and
mounting configuration.

Fibre Optics

We can manufacture bespoke fibre optic systems to order and also stock a complete
range of components and ancillaries for fibre optic starcloth arrangements, including Fibre
Optic Ferrules, many different cable varieties and lightsources suitable for a wide range of

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