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We have a wide range of Rosco paints to fit any requirement.

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Supersaturated Paints

These brilliant dye-like colours are formulated to be diluted with substantial quantities of water while retaining binder strength and give excellent adhesion to most scenic surfaces including muslin, plastics and metal. Supersaturated dries to a completely matt, non-reflective finish. As well as drops and hard scenery, Supersaturated may be used on rear projection screen and dance floor.

Off Broadway

Rosco’s best selling vinyl acrylic paint in a full range of theatrical colours, for use on a wide variety of scenic materials including hard scenery and backdrops. Ready to use, but may be diluted to stretch your paint budget.

Painting Metallic Colours onto flame-retardant fabrics may cause the paint to tarnish and discolour. Test a small area of paint before proceeding with the entire prop.

Fluorescent Paint

These vivid colours are brilliant in normal light and glow brightly when bathed in ultraviolet light. White fluoresces a light blue under black light; invisible blue appears milky white under normal light but glows blue in ultraviolet


A stunning development in fluorescent paints, VividFX offers brilliant fluorescence and one coat coverage and opacity. The exceptional pigments,
which glow most brilliantly between 365-380 nanometers, create stunning black light effects and intermix cleanly to provide a wide array of
intermediate fluorescent hues. Best applied by spray gun over a white base coat.


High gloss finish for use on most scenic surfaces as well as metal, wood, concrete and brick. An excellent choice for decks and floors due to its high abrasion resistance. Dries to the touch in one hour.

Fire Resistant Sprays & Flame Retardants

Fire Check is a versatile and effective flame retardant suitable for use with many natural and synthetic materials including cardboard, untreated wood,
polystyrene, hessian, foam rubber and any other material that can absorb it.

Video Paint

Rosco Chroma Key™ Paints have been formulated with the assistance of video technicians throughout the country. They are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and colour saturation for keying effects

Test Kits

Kits comprise 29ml samples of each colour in the range.


Clear, flexible scenic glue which bonds many porous and
non-porous scenic materials. Dries to a clear, hard, yet
pliable coating that does not suffer from ‘tackiness’ and
remains strong, even as the materials bend and deform

Crystal Gel

Non-toxic material which provides a clear, plastic-like coating on virtually any surface used in modern stagecraft. It air dries quickly – usually within hours – to a flexible, translucent surface. It can be painted with any Rosco scenic paint, or carved or safely rolled without cracking or peeling. Products such as sand, sawdust, powdered clay, paint, dye or food colouring can be
added to it to create unique colours and textures.

Clear Gloss & Flat Acrylic Glazes

Dilute with water and apply as an overcoat to a painted surface or mix with paints for additional binder strength. Compatible with all Rosco’s scenic paint systems and most other water extendable paints. They also serve as a binder for dry pigments and bronzing powders

Tough Prime

Covers just about any surface, including PVC pipe, aluminium, foams and concrete floors, as well as wood and foam core. This quick drying primer dries to a tough, durable coating excellent for both interior and exterior use.


An acrylic slurry the consistency of wet plaster, Foamcoat dries to a super hard durable coating for all rigid foam, resisting chipping and cracking, yet can be sanded smooth or carved with detailing. It is especially useful on scenery or props that receive excessive abuse or need to last for extended tours. Foamcoat is also a superb texturing agent that can be used to create custom patterns like bark and stone work and is even durable enough to be used on floors.


Flexible, non-toxic coating for polyurethane and polystyrene foam providing excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Flexcoat contains no plasticisers, so will not become brittle with age or exterior exposure. Compatible with all Rosco paints either as tints or surface coatings.

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