Counterweight System

Counterweight System

The Counterweight System is a flying solution used in theatres to precisely balance and control the movement of flown bars or scenic elements. The system consists of a frame positioned at the side of the venue with a series of steel wire ropes which run over a head pulley to a steel bar or ladder truss. When a load is applied to the bar or truss, it is balanced by adding an equal amount of weight into a cradle.

The principle behind the Counterweight System resembles a giant set of scales. Once the weight in the cradle matches that on the bar, the flown bar with its load can be smoothly moved up and down by lifting or lowering the cradle using a hauling line.

There are two versions of the Counterweight System:

• Single Purchase System: In this version, the weight in the cradle matches the weight on the bar. This configuration is suitable for most venues where a one-to-one weight ratio is sufficient.

• Double Purchase System: In the double purchase system, the weight in the cradle is double the amount on the bar. This setup is particularly useful in theatres where wing space is limited, as the cradles have shorter travel and can be raised above the floor level.