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Arenas & Stadiums

Arenas & Stadiums

We have delivered drape and engineering solutions to a large number of iconic arenas and stadiums worldwide, including the Philippines Arena which holds 55,000 people every week and is the biggest arena in the world.

Our solutions help arenas and stadiums to:
• Change the size of a space or an area
• Mask areas requiring concealment
• Protect and improve the acoustics of the venue
• Present a coherent, branded look with custom dyed fabrics to specification

We can produce drapes to any size you require. The drapes we manufacture for these large venues are often over 100 metres in width – the drapes designed to fit together modularly to ensure easy handling at the venue.

During the drape installation phase, our on-site seamstresses are on hand to make necessary adjustments as different climatic conditions can have an effect once hung

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