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Blog Archives

  • Swags

    Swags Swags are ornamental drapes that are hung between two points. Traditionally used to enhance theatre prosceniums and as window dressings, today swags are used to dress all manner of venues and events. We provide three main types of swags, though other designs are available on request.

  • Seams


  • Linings

    Linings We have a range of options for drape linings available to suit any requirement. A drape lining not only affects the way a drape looks, but can also have an effect on the amount of light the drape can block out and its acoustic properties. It is also a protection for the face fabric from moving set pieces on stage.

  • Side & Bottom Finishes

    Side & Bottom Finishes We offer a wide variety of side and bottom finishes for any application.

  • Top Finishes

    Top Finishes We offer a wide range of top finishes for any application.

  • Appliqué

    Appliqué Appliqué is a traditional method of drape decoration typically, but not exclusively, seen on Front of House theatre drapes. Our in-house fabric artists can produce appliqué to any specified design, regardless of their size and complexity. Our appliqué is typically crafted from our range of satins, which are used because of the way these fabrics reflect light. This can …

  • Front of House Decoration

    Front of House Decoration Our reputation for quality was established in Britain’s theatres, in the manufacture and refurbishment of Front of House theatre and stage drapes for some of the country’s most treasured venues. The theatre industry remains the cornerstone of the business and today our products can be found in performance spaces all over the world, from huge auditoriums …

  • Fullness

    Fullness The fullness of a curtain refers to the amount of fabric used within the curtain’s manufacture in order to produce a pleated finish. At J&C Joel we manufacture all of our curtains with knife pleats as standard, (as below) other finishes are available on request such as box pleats and pencil pleats.

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