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Drape Manufacturing Selection

Front of House Decoration

Our reputation for quality was established in Britain’s theatres, in the manufacture and refurbishment of Front of House theatre and stage drapes for some of the country’s most treasured venues. The theatre industry remains the cornerstone of the business and today our products can be found in performance spaces all over the world, from huge auditoriums to school halls and provincial theatres.

The theatre experience begins long before the performers take to the stage and that memorable venues leave a lasting impression on audiences. J&C Joel’s Front of House drapes are manufactured to the highest quality and can be a striking focal point for any theatre. Our Front of House drapes are also available with an extensive range of decoration and adornments including appliqué work, tasselling and braiding.

We manufacture Front of House drapes for both contemporary and period theatres from our wide range of velvets. Our range of traditional mohair velvets are ideal for the renovation of classic playhouses and theatres, the perfect examples being those designed by seminal architect Frank Matcham, such as the London Coliseum and the Grand Theatre in Blackpool, both of which feature Front of House curtains by J&C Joel


Appliqué is a traditional method of drape decoration typically, but not exclusively, seen on Front of House theatre drapes.

Our in-house fabric artists can produce appliqué to any specified design, regardless of their size and complexity.

Our appliqué is typically crafted from our range of satins, which are used because of the way these fabrics reflect light. This can be accentuated by padding individual pieces of the appliqué work to add relief and texture to the design.

Appliqué is an ideal way to personalise curtains, our experienced fabric artists are unrivalled in producing bespoke appliqués made
to clients’ requirements on both new and existing curtains.

Although appliqué is a tailored method of adorning curtains,
we use the latest CAD technology to reproduce designs with millimetre precision.


Our skilled manufacturing staff can produce the most
intricate embroidery to specification. We can embroider all types of drapes and fabric to any size and scale. Our contemporary computerised embroidery
techniques deliver perfect results and can bring any
fabric design to life.

Fringes & Tassles

Fringing, braiding and tassels can be added to any drape or pelmet to complement the décor of any venue. While many of these products are machine made, we specialise in the production of traditionally
manufactured, hand-made drape embellishments.

We supply fringing and tassels in wool, silk, and synthetic fibres, with a range of colours available as well as the standard gold, bronze and copper.

Sizes range from 50mm to 750mm depending on
the size of drape and the venue. Bespoke drape
embellishments are also available on request. Our tassels, fringing and braiding can make drapes truly unique and become an integral design feature in any venue.

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