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Drape Manufacturing Selection


The fullness of a curtain refers to the amount of fabric used within the curtain’s manufacture in order to produce a pleated finish. At J&C Joel we manufacture all of our curtains with knife pleats as standard, (as below) other finishes are available on request such as box pleats and pencil pleats.


The curtain is sewn without pleats in the header. Flat curtains are predominantly used within a practical rather than an aesthetic capacity.

50% Fullness

The curtain is gathered and pleated so that the amount of fabric used in their manufacture. is 1.5 times the width of the header of the finished product. Front of House Curtains are manufactured this way due to the visual appeal of the curtains’ pleats, this means that it offers a greater level of sound dampening and absorption than flat curtains.

100% Fullness

The drape is gathered and pleated in such a manner that twice the amount of fabric is used than is seen in the drapes header. The amount of fabric used in the construction of these drapes and the depth of their pleats make this finish ideal for acoustic and Front of House Drapes.

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