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Drape Manufacturing Selection


We have a range of options for drape linings available to suit any requirement. A drape lining not only affects the way a drape looks, but can also have an effect on the amount of light the drape can block out and its acoustic properties. It is also a protection for the face fabric from moving set pieces on stage.

Lined Drape

Lined drapes are manufactured with a backing fabric sewn to the rear of the drape and sewn in place by the hemming of the drape fabric. Linings improve the light and sound blocking qualities of a drape.

Self-Lined Drape

Within a self-lined drape the face fabric is used for the lining as well as the front of the drape. Self-lined drapes are heavier than lined or unlined drapes. Certain top finishes, such as tie tapes, may be unsuitable.

Unlined Drape

Unlined drapes consist of only one layer of face fabric and are not manufactured with a lining fabric. Unlined drapes are generally less expensive and much lighter than lined or self-lined drapes.

Interlined Drape

When further acoustic/thermal insulation is required a third layer of fabric can be placed in between the face fabric and lining fabric thus enhancing the drapes acoustic/thermal blocking properties.

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