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Drape Manufacturing Selection

Traveller Drape

The traveller or bi-parting drape comprises of two sections which are suspended from a track and which open and close from centre to off-stage. The most commonly used drape style with 50-100% fullness and is generally manufactured in velvet when used as a front drape or from Wool Serge when used on stage.

Austrian Drape

(also known as a Reefer, or Festoon)

Very ornate, with vertical fullness sewn into each
panel. Raised evenly by multiple vertical lift lines
between each pleat. Usually made with ornate fabrics
to give the luxurious look of the grand opera houses.

Tableau Drape

(also known as a Wagner, German or Butterfly)

A pair of pleated or gathered drapes, the curves (swag) are obtained by sewing rings on the back of each drape diagonally from the lower on-stage edge to the upper off-stage edge. A cable or line threaded through the ring lift the drape open. Large or heavy
drapes may need motorised rigging.

Venetian Contour Drape

With the appearance of a simple pleated drape when
down, the Venetian offers a choice of lifts, raise all the multiple vertical lift lines together for an even scalloped bottom edge, or adjust the lift lines for a more elaborate look, as shown

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