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Drape Manufacturing Selection

Side & Bottom Finishes

We offer a wide variety of side and bottom finishes for any application.

Chain Pocket

The typical finish for most drapes. The chain enables the drape to hang properly and allows the curtain to flow smoothly when opening and closing. Heavier drapes may not need additional weights.


Eyelets can be used as a side finish to produce tension across the width of a cyclorama or stage backdrop. We offer 8mm and 13mm diameter eyelets that are placed at standard centres of 300mm. Eyelets can be secured to a truss using tie tapes, bungees or twin hooks.

Off Stage D-Rings

Front of House drapes which are flown in from above usually have D-rings sewn down the off-stage edge through which a series of guide wires are passed to secure the drapes. This reduces lateral movement
when the House Drapes are opened and closed.

Pipe Pocket

Used on cycloramas, scrims and flat drapes. Allows for the addition of a pipe or batten, which gives a flat straight edge.

Spot Hook or Loop

Spot Hook or Loop is used to temporarily join two or more drapes together on the width, either to create a wall of drapes or simply to connect two together down their leading edges. Each piece of Hook or Loop measures 150mm long.

Weighted Hem Tape

Weighted hem tape is used in the base of all gauzes, voile curtains and many lightweight drapes. Small weights are enclosed in a polyester sleeve which is inserted into the bottom pocket for added weight. Weighted Hem Tape is white in colour.

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