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Drape Manufacturing Selection


Swags are ornamental drapes that are hung between two points. Traditionally used to enhance theatre prosceniums and as window dressings, today swags are used to dress all manner of venues and events. We provide three main types of swags, though other designs are available on request.

Austrian Swag

The pleats in an Austrian swag run vertically down the drape, parallel to each other from one side to the other. This pattern is similar to that seen in the classic Austrian, or reefer, house drape.

Scallop Style Swag

Easily identified by the distinctive ripple formation of the fabric, a standard scallop has concentric arcs of pleats radiating from the central point at the top of the swag to its base.

Point to Point Swag

Similar in appearance to scallop style swags, but the pleats in point to point swags fan out from each corner and meet in the centre at the bottom of the drape.

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