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Drape Manufacturing Selection

Top Finishes

We offer a wide range of top finishes for any application.

Golf Bag Hooks

Metal hooks sewn onto modacrylic or polypropylene tape. The strongest method of fixing drapes to particular types of tracking systems or static lines. These types of hooks are typically sewn into the drape with the top of the hook level with the top of the drape so the hook cannot be seen from the face.

Tie Tapes

The most common finish. A modacrylic or polypropylene tape with 25mm modacrylic tie tapes. A coloured centre tie is standard.
A common finish attaching a drape to a fly bar.

Twin Hooks

Twin hooks are used when a drape heading utilises eyelets and gives the option of attaching to the eye of a drape runner or other suspension method. They are manufactured from injection moulded black plastic and are tested to take a load of 4.5kg each.

Tab Hooks

Metal hooks sewn onto modacrylic or polypropylene tape another strong method of attaching drapes to particular types of tracking systems. Ideal for large drapes.


Modacrylic or polypropylene tape with 20mm nickel eyelets, typically at 300mm centres. Eyelets can be used in a variety of drapes allowing the simple application or removal of ties, twin hooks and bungees to
the required edges. Side and bottom eyelets allow the tensioning of cycloramas or scrims.

Rufflette Tape

Typically a domestic heading offering a “pencil” pleat finish that can give up to 300% fullness dependant on the fabric used. This style of finish is not suitable for large or heavy drapes.

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