Committed to a Greener future

At J&C Joel we are committed to leading the way in terms of following responsible environmental policies and setting a positive example for our entire industry.

We manufacture a huge range of products to meet the needs of numerous industries and companies. Our raw materials come from many varied sources. Whether locating cotton for our canvases and backdrops, wool for our serges, or raw materials for our range of stage machinery; our aim is to secure products from responsible and environmentally friendly sources wherever possible. We are ever mindful of the obstacles we encounter in achieving sustainability, in terms of the sourcing and transport of raw materials for all our products and we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising the high quality of all J&C Joel products.

We work closely with the largest brands and manufacturers within the theatre, entertainment, and stage machinery industries to ensure that all the third-party products we offer meet the environmental standards we set for ourselves, as well as the standard of quality expected by our customers.

The responsible sourcing of materials is only one aspect of our environmental agenda; J&C Joel also follow a policy of responsible manufacture within an environmentally friendly atmosphere. We constantly strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing premises and practices to reduce our environmental impact. We ensure that all our manufacturing and office waste is recycled whenever possible. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our fabrics in terms of their manufacture and the chemical flame retardants we use to treat them. We recycle over 10 tons of wool pieces each year, which reconstituted into other wool fabrics.

J&C Joel are now embracing the Oeko-Tex standards programme. We work alongside selected industry partners to offer an ever-expanding range of fabrics, which customers can be confident meet the internationally accepted Oeko-Tex standards for safety and ecology in their production and finishing.

The vast majority of J&C Joel’s company fleet vehicles are all electric, further reducing our carbon footprint.