Large Format Digital Print

We offer a carefully selected range of large format digital print substrates to complement our existing drapery offering. Printing on fabrics and flooring ranging from 2m wide through to 12m wide, we really can cover every eventuality.

Dye Sublimation

Images are produced using water-based dyes printed directly to the media. Once printed, the fabric passes through a heated roller press turning the dyes into a gas. This impregnates the fabric and releases the colour in the pigment to provide stunning, high-quality, vibrant images. Dye Sublimation produces a long-lasting and scratch resistant solution, which can be folded for easy transportation.

Paper Transfer

Images are printed onto a wide width paper and then transferred onto the fabrics surface using heat. This allows images to be printed onto fabrics with varying pile depths, which are not designed to pass directly through the digital print machines. We are able to offer dye transfer printing in widths up to 3 metres.


UV printing uses ultraviolet lights to cure the ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of the substrate, specially designed UV lights follow close behind drying the ink instantly. What is left is a remarkably durable and sharp image, most commonly used on PVC based materials. We are able to offer UV printing in widths up to 5 metres.

Ultra Wide Width Print

Using the latest high-resolution inkjet technology, we are now able to offer digitally printed cloths using 100% cotton materials at widths of up to 12 metres. This means we are able to produce seamless backdrops measuring 50m wide x 11.8m drop opening up new possibilities for theatrical, exhibition and entertainment backdrops.