Velvet - Synthetic

J&C Joel’s synthetic velvet range is made with man-made fibres that are inherently flame retardant (FR). This means that the fabric will remain FR throughout its lifetime, regardless of the environment in which it is stored or installed. This makes it ideal for the touring market and humid climates, where high temperatures and moisture can affect chemical flame retardants. Synthetic velvets also have more tensile strength and are less prone to mould and discolouration.

J&C Joel offers two main collections of synthetic velvet: West End and Pennine. The West End Collection features three different weights of budget-friendly, knitted velours, which are reliable and hardwearing. The Pennine Collection comprises three premium quality velours covering a range of weights. They are manufactured from 100% Trevira CS yarns, and the V weave creates a dense, luxurious pile.

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