Muslin, Canvas & Scenic

We have a variety of Muslin, Canvas and Scenic fabrics that are perfect for use as backdrops, projection surfaces and lighting effects.

Due to the impressive widths of our Muslins and Canvases, seamless cloths can be created with ease by rotating the material and using the width of the fabric as the finished drop. The hard-wearing properties of these fabrics also mean they are perfect for touring.

These fabrics can also be painted using professional theatrical paints such as the Rosco range. Some can also be digitally printed to ensure a bespoke solution to suit any requirement. They are available in different weights as well as a range of widths.

We offer our Muslin, Canvas and Scenic range with a variety of flame retardancy durabilities, including NDFR, IFR, FR and not FR and also with a wide range of certifications.

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