Cadenza Roller Banner

The Cadenza banner is a base level product in the J&C Joel variable acoustic range. By deploying a single layer of acoustically absorbent material, it allows venues to alter the reverberation of their space with ease. This means a venue can have different types of shows, without compromising the acoustic experience. The width and drop of each banner is customised to fit the exact needs of each venue.

Acoustic Features

  • Single layer of fabric
  • Class A (aw: 0.85) absorption rating according to EN ISO 11654:1997
  • Upto 20m2 of absorbent material
  • Max 6m width and 10m max drop
  • Full acoustic test reports available in our brochure. Bonded Wool Serge 565 is our standard. Other colour and acoustic performance options available on request.

Mechanical Features

  • Single roller mechanism
  • Tubular Motor
  • End of Travel & Ultimate Limits
  • Standard power requirement of 230v 13A per banner
  • Optional control from a mobile device


Datasheet Brochure