Acoustic Performance Shell

Acoustic Mobile Performance Shells are an iconic new high quality acoustic staging concept from Soundforms which have been designed to enable traditional orchestral sound to an outside audience.

A peak has been designed to project sound beyond the stage platform and with the addition of the acoustic reflector panels designed by Arup Acoustics allows as much sound as possible to be reflected towards the audience.

J&C Joel supplied several metres of white Joelastic (JOS001) which was used in the construction of the inner cheeks of the shell. The fabric has a slight shine to it which catches the light effectively and makes it a great material to project onto.

The Acoustic Mobile Performance Shell was made possible by the collaboration of many experienced companies.

The timber acoustic panels which were developed by Arup Acoustics and manufactured by Fineline provide an orchestra with excellent on-stage acoustics akin to a concert hall.

The external skin was made up of eight inflatable, waterproof, white PVC coated polyester cushions that were designed and manufactured by Architen Landrell and attached to the aluminium truss shell which was made by Total Solutions Group. To inflate the shell Architen Landrell designed a bespoke, compact air-handling unit which runs quietly to ensure the performers are not interrupted.

The Acoustic Performance Shell could not be brought to life without the expertise of ES Global, who deliver and install these amazing structures, the artist agencies HarrisonParrott and IMG Artists for bringing the world of classical music to the stage.