Albert Halls, Bolton

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J&C Joel’s Joelflex Stretch and Joelflex Carpet took centre stage at the Albert Halls, in Bolton, when it was used to dress the set for the playhouse’s production of the classic Mel Brooks satirical musical, The Producers.

Red unbonded Joelflex Stretch (JFF012) was used to form an on-stage proscenium arch that framed the play’s “Springtime for Hitler” scene.

The set, belonging to Scenery Hire Ltd, also featured a set of steps that were clad in red Joelflex Carpet (JFC012).

The Joelflex Stretch and Carpet added a certain glamour to the stage, bringing a new dimension to the performance and helping The Producers be a sure-fire hit rather than a sure-fire flop.

J&C Joel’s Joelflex Range offers eye-catching glitz and glamour with versatility unrivalled by any other fabric on the market: a versatile stretch fabric that can be used alone, bonded to a soft needle-punched backing or as a hardwearing event carpet.

Whether in the theatre, for an event, a party or almost any other application, Joelflex offers the ultimate in flexibility and is suited to almost any application.