Apex Centre, Bury St Edmunds, UK

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J&C Joel installed 49 acoustic roller banner units in the Apex Centre, Bury St Edmunds multi purpose community venue.

The adjustable roller banners allow the Apex’s technical staff to alter the venue’s acoustics to complement any performance. The acoustic panels consist of cognac Wool Serge (WS011) bonded to black Premier Wool Serge (WS090) and are ideal for reducing sound reverberation in the performance hall.

The acoustic roller banner units installed by J&C Joel’s installation team are of differing lengths and widths depending on their positioning within the hall. The majority of the banners were made with a single drop of bonded wool serge, but a number of dual sided banners were installed which are operated by a single motor within the unit’s housing.

The acoustic roller banner system is controlled through a multi channel hand held unit which enables the banner arrangement to be fully adjusted to complement any performance or event.


Raising the banner for quality performances

J&C Joel excels in producing catered acoustic solutions to suit any space. Our acoustic roller banners are perfect for installation in multi purpose venues where the acoustics must be altered to suit a range of performances.

The units are made with two pieces of J&C Joel’s Premier Wool Serge (WS090) which are bonded to make a piece of material perfect for acoustic roller banners. The material can also be custom dyed to suit any setting.
Whatever the venue our contracts team can devise the perfect acoustic solution.