Batman Live media launch event

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J&C Joel took a journey to the dark side of Gotham City and set the scene for some of the most despicable villains in the Batman universe by providing flooring for the Batman Live European media launch event in 2011.

Taking place on J&C Joel’s black Joelmat (JOM008) vinyl flooring, the theatrical event in central London saw the Joker introduce super villains the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, all of whom were outshone by the stars of the show, Batman and Robin.

The Batman Live stage show was a £12 million extravaganza telling the story of Batman’s ward, Robin, and is set in iconic Gotham City locations such as Haly’s Circus, Arkham Asylum and the Batcave.

Combining acrobatics, stunts, illusions and cutting edge stage design with an original story line penned specifically for the performance, Batman Live gave fans a unique and innovative theatrical experience when it toured UK arenas.


Setting the stage for the Dark Knight

The launch event for the Batman Live arena tour put J&C Joel’s Joelmat vinyl flooring under the European media’s flashbulbs.

Joelmat is the most versatile dance and event flooring on the market. Available in a range of colours, Joelmat can be digitally printed and is also available in gloss and glitter finishes. It is perfect for the stage, exhibitions, concerts and events; in fact anywhere colourful flooring is needed.

For full information on the complete range of event flooring and fabrics available from J&C Joel see our product catalogue or call our expert sales team.