Cambridge University American Stage Tour

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J&C Joel supplied Sharkstooth Gauze for the 2013 Cambridge University American Stage Tour (CAST).

CAST is an annual theatre tour from the UK to the USA which has been running for the last 12 years. Each year Cambridge University’s most talented directors, producers, actors and technicians bring one of Shakespeare’s plays to Ivy League universities, high schools and professional theatres across America.

This year CAST were performing Measure for Measure a play about mercy, justice, and truth and their relationship to pride and humility.

J&C Joel supplied two metres of white Sharkstooth Gauze (ST001) and two metres of black Sharkstooth Gauze (ST004) both with a width of 9.75 metre. The fabric was used to create panels which served as walls or rooms for the production; when back lit the gauze became transparent enabling the audience to see through the panels and the actors to make a subtle entrance. Nine metres of black Casement (CAS002) was also supplied and used to make several costumes for the play.

Sharkstooth Gauze is a brilliant material for creating lighting effects. When lit from the front at an oblique angle the scrim appears opaque; when lit from the back the scrim appears transparent, revealing the up stage scene. The gauze can be painted using scenic paint and even used as a projection surface making this fabric a theatre must have.

The gauze worked fantastically when lit with the different mood inducing colours which complimented and accentuated the dark humour and tragedy of this classic Shakespeare play.