Campion School, UK

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When Campion School wanted to improve the appearance of their main stage, J&C Joel was assigned to manufacture and install new Front of House curtains, rear, and mid-stage drapes as well as install a T60 track system and motorised projection screen.

Campion School is located in Northamptonshire and is a secondary school and language college. The school is situated in a rural picturesque setting of 17 acres and dates back to 1967.

J&C Joel installed the T60 track system with a manual winch. A 4m2 matt white ‘Major’ Motorised Projection Screen cased in an aluminium housing was also installed and supplied with an infrared remote control. The Front of House curtain was manufactured from bilberry Dimalan (DIM019) was lined with black Bolton Twill (BT005) and measuring 4.95 metres wide by 4.16 metres drop with 50% fullness.

To finish off the stage set J&C Joel provided mid and rear-stage curtains manufactured from black Bolton Twill. The mid-stage curtain measures at 4.95 metres wide by 3.34 metres drop and the rear-stage curtain measures at 4.75 metres wide by 4.05 metres drop with both drapes having 50% fullness.

The bilberry Dimalan is a simple Front of House curtain which is a hard-wearing and effective dim-out material. Dimalan is often used in schools because as well as being a bright and long-lasting fabric, it doesn’t break the budget in terms of cost and is available in a wide range of colours to choose from.