CanCan Coaster, Europa Park, Germany

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Working with leading design and theming company Scruffy Dog, J&C Joel manufactured and installed a series of drapes at the new CanCan rollercoaster ride at Europa Park, Germany. The ride centres around the iconic Moulin Rouge and has its own life-size windmill.

Europa Park, which opened in 1975, is the largest theme park in Germany and the second biggest in Europe.

The brief delivered to J&C Joel was comprised of a multitude of renders and visualisations, which they were charged with bringing to life.  The scope of the work involved two main areas of the ride, the Mirror Tent and the Exposition Area.

The major challenge with this project was the lead time. The amount of detail to be clarified and the design work required meant that time was very tight to deliver what was an extensive and complex drapery package, in a yet to be built site.

J&C Joel immediately set about formulating a list of questions which required answering to ensure the correct fabric and materials were used and the correct specification was achieved. With this installation taking place in Germany, J&C Joel’s scarlet Baroness (VEL803) was specified and samples sent for approval. In addition to its luxurious appearance, this fabric is certified to the B1 flame retardant standard which was essential in order to satisfy the German authorities.

In the Mirror Tent, J&C Joel created a huge swagged ceiling using scarlet Baroness (VEL803) which radiated out of a central area to the perimeter walls. The ceiling was created using a series of individually shaped quadrilateral drapes which came together to form the ceiling. In order to achieve the desired look, every other drape had gold Neptune fringe in sunburst sewn to one of its edges.

In addition, J&C Joel produced a series of drapes that sat inside a recessed ceiling in which an ornate chandelier was hung. To ensure consistency, every other panel was finished with the same gold fringe as was on the ceiling drapes.

J&C Joel also produced numerous decorative borders, door pelmets and legs, all of which were also manufactured from the scarlet Baroness (VEL803) and with the same gold fringe.

To ensure the drapes were as required, a series of 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings were produced for approval and production.

In the Exposition Area, J&C Joel designed and produced six seamless digitally printed shaped Theatre Canvas banners designed to replicate the look of the 1900 World Fair in Paris. The drapes, each measured a width of 0.461m by a drop of 11.270m, with each end being rounded.

In order to ensure an authentic appearance, AutoCAD drawings were produced of the banners and overlaid on to the drawings of the steel structure from which the banners would be hung.  The amount of swag was critical to the design team and, once approved, the drawings were flattened and the drapes were produced.  In addition, the drapes needed to match the tri-colour tiles adorning the floor.  An actual tile was used for this purpose and a sample print was sent to the client for approval.

Finally, J&C Joel produced numerous decorative French rosettes for use around the attraction which were pantone matched to the official French flag colours.

J&C Joel installed all drapes during an extremely short window prior to the official opening of the attraction. The installation was particularly challenging due to the number of other trades working on site at the same time, which called for exceptional organisation, planning and teamwork from J&C Joel’s installation team.

Commenting on the project, J&C Joel’s Head of Specialist Drapery Oliver Marns said: “I would like to thank Scruffy Dog and the team at Europa Park for their help in what was an inspiring project for J&C Joel.  The quality of the finish across the attractions was first class and we were delighted to have played our part.”