Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, Liverpool

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Working with Adlib Solutions, J&C Joel provided an acoustic solution and the option to separate classes in the busy performance area at Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, Liverpool.

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School is a comprehensive school for boys and is situated in Liverpool.

J&C Joel supplied and installed a 75-metre continuous ‘U’ shaped T60 perimeter track to the outer walls and the full wall window from which black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) curtains were hung. Wool Serge 565 was chosen for both its acoustic properties and for blackout.

In order to allow for black box teaching areas, the hall was subdivided in half using 25 metres of the T60 track. Flexibility was the key and when not required the curtains could be stored in front of the perimeter track to open the full auditorium.

On stage, a fixed Prolyte Box Truss (H30V) was installed, which provided the support for the theatrical lights, tracks and stage equipment. At the back of the truss and one metre away from the rear wall, a cross over track and seamless white Filled Cloth (FIL007) was manufactured to provide the ideal back drop measuring 8 metres with a 5.5 metre drop.

The T60 track was installed onto the truss and to allow for flexibility, six Swivel Arms (03614) were located on two up and down stage side tracks, allowing the legs to be moved backwards and forwards. The legs were manufactured from black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) headed to 1.5 metres wide with a drop of 5.4 metres. When the legs were not required they could be stored flat on the rear wall.

An Erail corded overlap track was installed to the front of the stage and black Wool Serge 420 (WS001) curtains were hung, manufactured to a width of 4.5 metres and a drop of 5.5 metres.