Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds

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A 27-way manual counterweight system was installed on for the main stage. A full stage depth counterweight wall frame was manufactured and installed capable of accommodating up to 37 counterweight sets.

Each of the five-line manual single counterweight sets can be operated from either the fly or stage levels and due to the theatre’s height restrictions the front five counterweights are double purchased to allow the suspension bars to pass through a grid opening, effectively allowing the proscenium borders and front of house curtains to be fully flown out when required.

J&C Joel installed an eleven metre ladder frame suspension bar with telescopic ends which can be used to alter the stage width between both galleries as each performance dictates.

To complement the counterweight system J&C Joel also supplied and installed twin hardwood cleat rails running the full depth of the stage and belaying pins for the theatre’s spot lines.

A complete set of stage curtain blacks were manufactured for performer and equipment masking with coloured tabs for the proscenium header and a white Sharksthooth Gauze for the rear of the stage.

Lighting ladders, portable lighting racks, a vertical access ladder, a grid access and lifting winch, full guards and guardrails for the counterweight system, fly and loading doors, a cross over gallery and grid were also installed.