Circus of the Orient tour

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The Circus of the Orient rolled into towns across the UK with drapes manufactured by J&C Joel.

The touring show combined gymnastics, dance and comedy and features international circus stars from China, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. It featured the acclaimed Red Dragon Acrobats’ first performances in the UK after performing in shows around the world.

J&C Joel manufactured scarlet non-durably flame retardant (NDFR) Velvet Velour (VEL034) curtains made with 50% fullness to hang either side of the performers’ entrance to the arena. Measuring one metre wide with a drop of five metres, the curtains were lined with black Sateen Lining (LIN002), made with gold fringing to the base and supplied
with tiebacks in the same colour.

A pelmet consisting of five overlapping swags, also manufactured from scarlet Velvet Velour, was manufactured to sit above the painted canvas serving as the entrance way to the arena.

A pair of marine NDFR Velvet Velour tableau curtains (VEL010) were manufactured to hang behind the entrance, again lined with black Sateen lining (LIN002). Measuring nine metres wide and with a drop of five metres, only the three metres of each of the curtains seen by the audience were made in marine Velvet Velour (VEL010).

The six metre wide offstage sections were manufactured from panels of black Premier Blackout (PB001) measuring the full five metres in height were connected to the Velvet
Velour sections and tapering off to only three metres in height on the curtain’s outer edge.

The Velvet Velour panel of the backing curtains was made with gold fringing to the base, while the bottom 25cm of the Premier Blackout panels were covered in black PUFC (PUF001) to protect the drape’s bottom edge.

All of the drapes manufactured by J&C Joel for the Circus of the Orient were made specifically to cope with the rigours of a touring production.