E-DA World Theme Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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J&C Joel provided the drapery package for the Royal Theatre within E-DA World theme park, Taiwan.

The theme park is Taiwan’s largest recreational tourist park and attracts more than five million visitors each year. Lin Yi-Shou, the founder of the E-United Group, which owns the attraction, aims to build E-DA World into “Taiwan’s Disneyland”, and as such the park offers a huge range of attractions and shows, many of which take place in ED-A World’s Royal Theatre.

J&C Joel manufactured and installed onstage legs, borders and a stage backdrop manufactured from over 1000 metres of black Queen (VEL168).

Queen Velvet is premium velvet used for the most prestigious theatres and auditoria, and over 500 metres of angel flame (VEL160) Velour was used to manufacture the Royal Theatre’s Front of House Curtains and valance.

An 18m x 15m twin white Projection Screen (PVC055) suitable for front and rear projection and two similar sized Sharkstooth Gauze backdrops in white (ST014) and black (ST016) were also manufactured and installed within the venue.