FBN Rehearsal Studios, Redditch

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In advance of its completion, J&C Joel was approached by FBN Rehearsal Studios for advice in relation to perimeter acoustic drapery for their new state of the art rehearsal facility which boasts 1,600m2 of uninterrupted floor space, height clearance of 18.5m and a 500-tonne weight capacity in its roof.

Following detailed discussions, J&C Joel was asked to manufacture almost 3000m2 of acoustically tested black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) drapery to give the new studio 360-degree coverage.

J&C Joel’s Creative Manufacturing team surveyed the site and produced full CAD drawings to ensure all doorways, gantry’s and other obstructions were factored into the manufacturing process.

Once manufactured, J&C Joel’s Project team installed over 300m of ladder truss from which the drapery was hung.

As there were ongoing building works taking place, once installed, J&C Joel sent down the Creative Manufacturing team to finish the drapes in situ to ensure all items were exactly as Studio Manager Scottie Sanderson required.

J&C Joel’s Andy Hastwell, who leads the Creative team at J&C Joel, noted: “The remarkable aspect of this job was the sheer amount of drapes and their drops, with the majority being 18 metres tall.  Numerous factors had to be considered such as the natural stretch of the fabric to ensure all the drapes hung just off the floor.”

FBN Studio Manager, Scottie Sanderson, said: “Not having much experience with drapes, this was one of the more challenging procurements for FBN Rehearsal Studios. The team at J&C Joel were fantastic to work with throughout the complete process. Oliver Marns was extremely helpful with clear and straightforward advice and guidance throughout. Nick Faulkner and his team battled against some tough hurdles to ensure the volume of drapes were hung correctly in time for our first inbound clients. Watching a seamstress tailor black Wool Serge at 30 feet in a scissor lift isn’t something you see everyday – nothing was a problem.”

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