Gateacre School, UK

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J&C Joel was commissioned to provide theatre curtains and stage machinery at Gateacre School, Liverpool, to complement any performance within the wide remit of the school’s drama department.

The school in the Belle Vale area is one of the best-equipped specialist colleges for Humanities and the Arts in the city, boasting a purpose built 300 capacity theatre showcasing music, drama and dance performances.

Two truss units manufactured from 300mm box truss were installed at height; one to the front of the stage and one directly above it. The units could be raised and lowered via a series of electrical chain hoists and had folding flipflop cable trays attached to house the  wires from the AV and lighting systems. J&C Joel’s flip-flop cable trays are fabricated in-house and have been installed in a range of venues such as the Gulbenkian Centre, Hull University’s drama and performing arts complex.

An electrically operated Unibar system (UBA001) was installed to the rear of the stage from which a full stage drape was mounted, while a dead-hung bar was fitted to the front of the stage on which a pelmet manufactured from J&C Joel’s plum Coloured Wool Serge (WS006), made with a fullness of 50% was hung.

Front of House curtains manufactured from the same plum Coloured Wool Serge(WS006), made with 50% fullness and chain weights in the base, were hung from a motorised Unitrack system which can be operated via a wall mounted control box or a hand-held unit.

To complete the stage dressing six black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) legs headed to two metres and with a drop of 6.7 metres were hung from side swivel legs consisting of 2 metre steel bars attached to a rotating swivel action arms.