Green Day – Revolution Radio World Wide Tour

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J&C Joel manufactured a series of drapes for the Green Day Revolution Radio world tour.

The main piece was a 17.07m x 8.54m Polyprint (PPR001) backdrop with the band’s eye-catching “Boombox” image digitally printed onto it. The backdrop was used as a kabuki drape and was manufactured with J&C Joel custom-designed header comprising of 2” loop Velcro on the face and rear of the drape, supplied with velcro D-rings which straddle the header.

This allowed the crew to adjust the D-ring to the kabuki unit rather than having to line up eyelets to the units, saving valuable rigging time. In addition, the drape had a custom pocket at the base with a removable chain to allow the use of a bar to weight the drape if required. This type of flexibility is essential when embarking on a tour encompassing a variety of venues.

J&C Joel also produced 14, 2.36m x 7.92m banners from the same Polyprint (PPR001) which together formed a complete image. These banners were manufactured with the same header as the backdrop with an additional line of D-rings sewn through the centre of the drape, from top to bottom, through which a steel wire guide rope passed to ensure a controlled drop during the show.

The package also included masking legs made from our black Mercury (MER050). All materials were carefully selected to ensure compliance with the German B1 fire standard and 1m2 burn and test samples were supplied together with a custom PUFC (PUF002) storage bags for all drapes.