Harrogate Theatre

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Opened in January 1900, the Harrogate Theatre is among the grandest theatres in North Yorkshire and its stage has played host to some of the most iconic names in theatre.

Today the venue is as busy as it has ever been and the stage management team required a modern flying system to keep up with the theatre’s programme.

J&C Joel’s projects department replaced Harrogate Theatre’s hemp ropes and installed its first powered flying equipment in the form of multi line pilewind winch units.

The theatre’s original flying configuration was a three line system which was prone to lighting bar collision due to the lack of space between them. To rectify this the drop lines were repositioned and an extra line was added to improve the system. This also added more torque to the configuration, allowing for easier hauling by theatre staff.

The introduction of pilewind winches by J&C Joel improves the overall safety and reliability of the flying system. Over the coming years the Harrogate Theatre hopes to implement a fully automated flying system, which J&C Joel would be honoured to provide.


Rigging things in your favour

J&C Joel boast a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of stage machinery and mechanical systems for theatres, events and venues.

From rigging systems to orchestral pit lifts and pilewind winches, J&C Joel specialise in providing bespoke solutions.