Hull University, UK

Hull University approached J&C Joel to upgrade the teaching equipment within the Gulbenkian Centre’s Donald Roy Theatre.

The Gulbenkian Centre is the University of Hull’s arts complex which allows performing arts students to gain valuable experience of performing on stage and working with stage machinery and rigging systems in a working theatre environment. J&C Joel’s projects department designed, manufactured and installed two motorised truss rigs which replaced the theatre’s two 15 metres lighting bridges.

J&C Joel removed these and bespoke beam clamps were fitted to accommodate the rig’s hoists and trusses.

The rigging system was christened the “Rock Rig” by university staff as it gave students the experience of using the same systems that are used in live show setups and the challenges of flown rigging.

J&C Joel also upgraded the theatre’s 36 set counterweight system and introduced their specifically fabricated flip-flop bars, a replacement hemp rope system and a mesh guard covering the base of the wall frame base to increase safety within the teaching theatre.

J&C Joel’s projects department specialises in manufacturing bespoke mechanical systems for all aspects of the theatre. Whatever the remit of a theatre, J&C Joel can manufacture and install specific products for any venue.

For more information on the range of products and services available from J&C Joel, contact the J&C Joel projects department.