ICONSIAM, True Icon Hall, Thailand

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J&C Joel was awarded a drapery and storage package for ICONSIAM, True Icon Hall in Thailand. The specification was written by Theatrix Consultants and managed by Arcadis.

True Icon Hall is a world-class, versatile and sound-proof auditorium space, located on the 7th floor of ICONSIAM (a brand-new shopping centre in Bangkok). It features as one of the ‘seven wonders’ attractions, with a space of approximately 12,000m2 and the capacity of 3,000 seats.

Due to the requirements for the multifunctional hall, J&C Joel provided soft proscenium legs and portal to allow for easily changeable layouts. The proscenium was made from Rose Brand’s Crescent IFR Velour in black. Crescent Velour is an extremely durable and versatile velour at a width of 137cm and a weight of 450gm2. The prosceniums were sewn with 25% fullness knife pleats which allowed them to hang evenly & increase their acoustic absorption properties. Rose Brand’s black Crescent IFR Velour was additionally used to manufacture all of the masking drapery, sewn flat.

In addition, J&C Joel supplied a Twin White Dual Projection Screen (PVC045). Accompanying this, was two seamless mid-stage Sharkstooth Gauze screens, both measuring a width of 22.8m by a 9.144m drop, in black (ST004) and white (ST001).

For the Front of House drapery, J&C Joel manufactured Rose Brand’s Crescent IFR Velour in the colour rouge. Sewn with 100% fullness box pleats, the Front of House drapes gave the venue a traditional and elegant bearing.

Finally, a set of stackable flight cases (18 large (FLC002) and 7 small (FLC001)) were also provided to True Icon Hall, to effectively store and transport the drapery. These flight cases were lined with carpet, to protect the curtains from damage when stored. Installation was carried out by a local partner, Digitra.

Alistair Leak, our International Sales Representative for ASEAN said: “This was a phenomenal project to be awarded for J&C Joel, and the customer is delighted with the result”.