International School Bangkok, Asia

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J&C Joel installed a complete manually operated counterweight system, stage machinery, motorised tracking and stage curtains in the Cultural Centre within the International School Bangkok (ISB).

Since 1951 the International School Bangkok (ISB) has provided high-quality western education to English speaking children living in the Thai capital. Originally established to educate the children of foreign diplomats, the school is now based on a $25 million campus housing American style elementary, middle and high schools, as well as a five-story, 67,000m2 Cultural Centre.

The ISB Cultural Centre’s stage is served by a comprehensive counterweight system comprising of 30 single purchase counterweight cradles at 2.7cm centres. The counterweight system used 20mm diameter Chatham hemp rope and is controlled at fly gallery level using J&C Joel’s standard cam-operated rope locks.

Suspension cables were also provided, and those connected to the top of the counterweight cradle terminate onto removable pins, allowing for easy replacement of individual cables. J&C Joel also designed and installed secondary steelwork from which a demountable stretching frame was suspended and covered in J&C Joel’s natural Cotton Cyclorama Canvas .

The installation also included the provision of 32m of motorised UniTrack and a complete complement of stage curtains manufactured from black durably flame retardant Countest , including a stage pelmet lined with DFR black Sateen Lining (LIN003) and unlined mid-stage drapes, borders and legs.