Juice FM, Liverpool

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Juice FM (now Capital Liverpool) is one of Liverpool’s most popular radio stations, regularly pulling in around a listenership of around 10% of the population of the station’s catchment area.

The station’s offices on The Strand, overlooking Liverpool’s Albert Docks, is home to The View: a multi-purpose space which acts as a board room, meeting space and a studio for recording live sessions with top bands and recording artists.

J&C Joel installed a complete rigging solution to support The View’s lighting and audio equipment and motorised projection screen roller banner, along with tracking around three sides of the room from which black Wool Serge 565 (WS090) curtains were hung.

The Wool Serge 565 ( WS090) perimeter curtains mask the acoustically reflective floor to ceiling windows that run around two sides of The View and give the space its name. The an-echoic fabric reduces sound reverberation and helps to improve the sound quality within the space when used as a studio.

Dead-hung suspension bars capable of supporting a wide range of lighting and AV equipment in different configurations were hung from The View’s ceiling. This framework also supports the lightweight manual walk-along 2 Way curtain tracking, chosen specifically as it is perfect for studios installations, from which the acoustic curtains were hung.