Julio Bashmore Tour

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J&C Joel manufactured a backdrop for house DJ, Julio Bashmore’s, world tour.

Julio Bashmore is a house DJ from Bristol and mixes up deep house with elements of UK garage and Detroit techno.

The backdrop for the tour was manufactured using black Molton (MOL002) with a white Voile backing (VOI001). The backdrop measured 10m wide by 7m drop, sewn flat with ties along the header and on the bottom corners. Webbing was then applied to the header to create rigidity.

The artists name was hand-cut into the black Molton and the Voile was manufactured to the rear of the Molton to create an interesting semi-transparent effect.

This simple but effective use of modern appliqué has created an amazing backdrop and when back-lit, creates an impressive ‘name in lights’ effect. White voile is a translucent fabric which can allow different coloured lights to permeate the material, on this occasion making the artists name come alive in a variety of different colours.

Appliqué is a traditional method of curtain decoration often seen on Front of House curtains. J&C Joel has recently expanded into more modern designs of appliqué; with the help of their team of expert fabric artists they are able to produce appliqués to any specified design regardless of the size or complexity.

Will Potts, Designer, said: “The quality of the backdrop was brilliant, so much so that it is still in great condition after touring many festivals and clubs. The craftsmanship behind the construction does the artwork justice and presents the elegance intended in the design very well. This fabric design is now becoming popular with my clients and more designs using this technique are coming through!”