Macbeth, Shakespeare’s Globe, UK

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Technical Components
3D modelling • Specialist finishing • Scenic • Creative drapery

J&C Joel was contacted by Fay Powell-Thomas, Deputy Head of Production at the Globe, in relation to their upcoming production of Macbeth. 

The brief was to create a series of drapes to dress the existing pillars, ceiling and back wall of the stage. 

Due to the intricacies of the areas being covered, the drapes had to be carefully shaped to ensure proper coverage. Our shaping templates were taken from the 3D model of the Globe, together with drawings supplied by Fay.

The drapes and set were the design of Ti Green and were to be made up of two fabrics; a mid-grey face layer, which was to be adhered to a heavy-duty canvas to create a vac-formed aesthetic. We were given an overall model to follow but were given an artistic licence to achieve the desired look.

In order to ensure the load went smoothly, as time was very tight for the team, careful consideration was given to the fixing methodology, with the pillar drapes having ratchet straps sewn into their headers and the remaining drapes having carefully placed velcro. 

We were delighted with the outcome, with the drapes bearing a very close likeness to the original model.