Manchester Central Convention Centre, UK

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Manchester Central Convention Centre is one of the UK’s leading exhibition and conference venues hosting high profile events such as political party conferences, international business events and even auditions for the hit television show The X Factor.

The venue’s main exhibition space was formerly a Victorian train station and still retains its high arched ceiling and ornate brickwork. In order to improve the acoustics and aesthetics of the hall J&C Joel were commissioned to install a number of Wool Serge drapes.

J&C Joel’s installation team hung a huge Wool Serge 565 (WS090) drape spanning the 50m width of the room with a drop of over 12m, designed to separate the room in two when combined with the venue’s portable base door units.

Twin valances were also installed following the curve of the exhibition centre’s roof consisting of a timber frame clad in Wool Serge 565. The valances were made specifically to fit around the ironwork of the roof structure in order to minimise the light entering the room at ceiling level.

The huge scale of the drape and valances meant that J&C Joel’s installation team had to design, build and install a curved twin-barrel hanging bracket made from aluminium which was secured to one of the main roof arches to support the weight of the installation.