Mariah Carey- “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Tour

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J&C Joel was asked by long-standing customer Lizzie Props to manufacture and install a large set of drapes for Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” tour, which started in Paris before heading to the UK and then to the USA.

Working with the artist’s US-based design team, J&C Joel quickly identified Polyester Trevira Satin (PTS001) as the best material for the drapes; taking into account the countries the tour was visiting, and the extremely quick turnaround required to produce what was a significant quantity of drapes.

Working from a design render, J&C Joel was able to specify the correct finish to ensure that the drapes achieved the aesthetic required, as well as being simple and quick to rig.

The drapes produced for the show consisted of a swaged border measuring 17.10m wide with a drop of 3.05m. The border consisted of three equal sized full swags together with two half swags on each edge.

The company then produced eight legs with horizontal fullness to give them the appearance of an Austrian drape. Each leg measured 3.05m wide by 9.14m drop, with 75% fullness. Due to the volume of fabric within these drapes, J&C Joel highlighted that they would “hourglass” if they were not properly tensioned. Due to venue restrictions, the crew were unable to attach anything to the stage floor and therefore a more novel solution had to be found to address the issue.  J&C Joel’s solution was to sew D-rings to the outer edges of the legs, through which steel wire rope, attached at the top to truss, was threaded and terminated to a series of stage weights, this acted as a tensioning system for the drapes.

It was by no means perfect but offered a quick and portable solution for the stage crew.

Next, the company produced two upstage drapes, each measuring 3.05m wide by 9.14m drop, this time with traditional vertical fullness of 150%. These drapes were made oversized and were designed to “pool” onto the stage, as per the design brief.

All the drapes were made from J&C Joel’s white Polyester Trevira Satin (PTS001), which holds the majority of global fire certifications. This fabric is lightweight yet opaque and as a Trevira based fabric is extremely durable and therefore ideal for touring.

In addition, J&C Joel produced two large red Trevira CS Silk (PT013) Kabuki drapes, each measuring 12.50m wide by 11.30m drop, which were used to mask the set whilst the audience entered the auditorium.

The Yorkshire based company was also asked to assist with the loading for the first show at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. Their creative team attended the site, assisted the production team with the installation and gave training to the crew so that they could install the drapes themselves at subsequent shows.

Finally, the drapes were supplied with hard wearing and showerproof PUFC (PUF002) custom storage bags.